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     The Parks Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church is an AME church at 476 - 34th Street. The building cornerstone is from 1915. The church was founded in 1919 and moved to 34th Street in 1969-1970.

    Parks Chapel in the honor of the late Rt. Rev. H.B. Parks was organized as a mission in September 1999, by Rev J.M. Brown, then minister at First African Methodist Episcopal Church. The character was granted in May 1920. Although Parks Chapel suffered much under the burden of debt as a result of depression in 1936, it recovered fully after that time to take its place among leading churches on the Pacific Coast. Since 1919 Parks Chapel has been served by twenty-one pastors, eight presiding elders, and ten bishops. Parks Chapel has been distinguished by great success and sustained growth because it's program is built with God-fearing, church loving people, thoroughly indoctrinated with the principles of African Methodism. Rev. Dr. Rosalynn Brookins, the gifted, highly anointed and spirit-filled Pastor was appointed to Parks Chapel, November 2018.

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